About Me

100 Facts About Me:

  1. I answer to my first name now due to simplicity but I grew up going by my middle name.
  2. I grew up going by my middle name because I had a lisp until the 3rd grade that made my first name difficult.
  3. I am named after my grandfather whom I never met. 
  4. My favorite color is blue.
  5. I love surfing but I'm not very good
  6. I started snowboarding 3 years ago. 
  7. Come to think of it - i just have a fascination with boards - surf, snowboard, stakeboard, wakeboard...
  8. In high school I bleached my hair blond. I knew it was as ugly as my dad said it was but I didn't tell him that.
  9. Perfectly good chocolate can be ruined with even the slightest hint of mint. 
  10. I can wiggle my ears. 
  11. Gum makes my jaws sore.
  12. I wear a size 11.5 US shoe. 
  13. I've broken my collarbone 3x - twice was from falling off of a bed and the last time was a wakeboarding accident. 
  14. I've also broken my wrist, my ankle, two ribs, a couple of fingers, and had severe contusions along my spine from a football accident. 
  15. I've had 3 different surgeries and the drugs were easily the best part.
  16. I hit my cousin in the head with a baseball bat (accident) resulting in 4 stitches for him. 
  17. I shoved a machete through my hand on a scout camp out. My toten chip was immediately revoked.
  18. I took karate as a kid - I can still perform the first form/routine I ever learned. 
  19. I drove a 93 Jeep Wrangler (red) in high school.
  20. I bought a motorcycle a 2 years ago and sold it last summer. 
  21. I have a concealed weapons permit but I hardly ever carry. 
  22. I'm usually the first one out when playing "Never Have I Ever..." with friends.
  23. I like to sleep against the wall. 
  24. I can't handle seeing a jug of milk sit on the edge of a shelf in the refrigerator. 
  25. I'm scared that the ghost of an Indian Chief will be in the kitchen if the lights aren't on when I walk in because of an episode of "Unsolved Mysteries" I watched as a kid. I usually leave the stove lamp on because of it.
  26. I wish I had longer hair. 
  27. I was voted biggest flirt in high school. 
  28. I like the smell of freshly cut grass - as long as I'm not the one cutting it.
  29. The first time I read "The Hobbit" I thought it was about funny danish people with swords. I was in Elementary school so don't judge to hard. 
  30. I have a fedora - I've never been brave enough to wear it outside of my room. 
  31. I hate fishing. and baseball. To me - they're kind of the same thing. 
  32. I've had a job every summer since I was 12.
  33. My first job was on a blueberry farm. I know a lot about blue berries. Seriously - ask me anything. 
  34. As a kid - I negotiated a pay for singing in a baptist church.
  35. I spend a lot of free time reading news articles. 
  36. I tend to be a jack-of-all-trades but a master of none. 
  37. I have a secret fascination with acappella groups. 
  38. I had too look up how to spell 'acappella.'
  39. I have a pet peeve when people get where/were, affect/effect, and their/they're mixed up but I myself do it all the time. 
  40. My favorite talk radio show is "Coast to Coast AM"
  41. I sing all the time but not in front of anyone.
  42. My brain demands that I listen to songs on repeat for long periods of time until they are completely ruined for me. 
  43. I had 1 week between the time that I got my mission call to the time I left for Provo. 
  44. I love seafood - particularly creole cuisine. 
  45. My favorite city is Cusco.
  46. I lived in Peru for a few months while working in a micro-financing intern.
  47. My favorite place on earth is a point at the lake near my house. 
  48. I drink a lot of Coca-cola. 
  49. I usually leave half the bottle full. Just can't seem to ever finish it before it goes flat.
  50. I don't know my blood type. 
  51. I've given blood once - i had to lay on the table for 3 hours before I could get up. 
  52. As a kid - my favorite books to read was "Goosebumps."
  53. I use ";)" in texts even when I know i shouldn't
  54. My second language is Spanish. 
  55. I love staying in hostels - even after I saw the movie.
  56. Halloween is my favorite holiday. 
  57. Horror movies are my favorite genre.
  58. I put creole seasoning "Tony Chachares" on everything I can. 
  59. If you give me apple juice, I'll drink it until i'm sick. 
  60. I peed my pants in a little league baseball game when I was 8. Mom made me hang my pants out of the truck window to dry them and then drove me back to the game to finish. 
  61. I have a scar on my neck where I tried curling my rat tail with a curling iron when i was little. 
  62. I had chicken pox 3 times. 
  63. I'm embarrassed of my math skills. 
  64. I didn't wear underwear at basketball practice in high school - somehow, it was the cool thing to do. 
  65. I use my Xbox as a great way to make friends. 
  66. I would pay for a haircut just to have someone play with my hair. 
  67. I learned to drive stick in my dads huge F250. 
  68. I love photography but have a pet peeve against people who call them selves photographers just because they have a camera - myself included. 
  69. I watch Hulu... a lot.
  70. I always wear socks when I go to sleep.
  71. I wish I dressed better than I do. I don't because I'm scared of what people may think.
  72. I've worn a ring for as long as I can remember. 
  73. Droid is better than Iphone.
  74. Girls deodorant smells better than guys. 
  75. I spend way to much money on Mcribs every year when they come out. No - I don't want to know whats in them. 
  76. I was the tallest kid in my class in 8th grade.
  77. I could eat BBQ sauce straight.
  78. I think olives are gross.
  79. I only recently started wearing hats.
  80. You can tell what kid of mood I'm in by whats on my head. If I have a hat - leave me alone.
  81. I like to keep my college text books instead of selling them back. 
  82. I currently have 3 computer screens, a tablet, and a smart phone in front of me.
  83. I like burning scented candles.
  84. Briefs are unacceptable. Boxers are ok. Boxer briefs are the way to go. 
  85. I was a cone head baby with matt black hair. 
  86. I've lived in Utah for 4 years and I'm still surprised every time I see the mountains. 
  87. I only wear black ankle socks.
  88. I play piano - but only enough to make people THINK I'm good.  
  89. I have day wear contacts but I only take them out once a month.
  90. I've done summer sales and hated it. 
  91. I get sea sick.
  92. The only part of flying I don't like is right after take off - I'm afraid we will hit an air pocket or a get a gust of downward wind that will shove us back into the ground. 
  93. I carry a money clip with cards instead of a wallet. 
  94. When I leave a room i squeeze my fingers to make sure I have my ring, flex my wrist for my watch, and tap my back pocket for my wallet. 
  95. I have no desire to go sky diving. 
  96. I want to backpack Europe next summer.
  97. I'm an obsessive planner. 
  98. "Lost" is my favorite TV series but I've never been able to force myself to re-watch an episode. 
  99. I'm Mormon

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