The Sandman


When the summer students come to prepare projects, they stay in the Hotel Libratadores at the Plaza de Armas. In that hotel, they have a bar. At that bar, works a boy. The boy that works at the bar at the hotel at the plaza de armas where the students stay is in love with Alessandra. He had been asking her to stop by for a free frozen lemonade since we got here. After our Chan Chan adventure, we decided to do just that.

At that bar, I met Rich. He took my Bar Talkginity. (yes mom – I just said that.)

Rich Varano2012-03-04_01-12-41_56 is a Grandmaster Sand Sculpter. This is a picture of this business card that he gave me. His website is .

Rick was (coincidently) working as a bar tender when he got word of a job at Sea World. Growing up in Florida, he had been carving sand castles all his life. When he heard that there was a chance he could get paid for doing something he loved, he jumped at it. Long story short is that a few years later, he had created a solid new program at Sea World. From there, one thing led to another and he now has a network of sand sculptors all over the world. He now contracts out most of his work.

Don’t worry though, he still gets around. The picture to the right was a sand caste carved in New Amsterdam.

The reason he was in a bar in a hotel in Trujillo Peru was because a Bank had asked him to judge an annual amateur sand sculpting contest that was being held in Huachuca this year.

It’s amazing the people you meet traveling. It makes you look at your own life a little differently. Like an adventure.

And that’s how my bar talkginity was taken.

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