Huaca del Luna y Sol…. Finally

I did it. I finally made it. After weeks of trying to get to Huaca del Luna y Sol. These structures are another set from the Moche culture in northern Peru. We (Alessandra and I) met up with Lauren and Jayde (from the orphanage) and headed out. Enjoy the pictures.

All of these pictures are from the Huaca del Sol. The Huaca del Luna is about a 200 meters away and is not open to the public yet.

This in the entrance the temple/pyramid. Always on the North side. you can see the ramp leading up to the entrance. The pyramid is about 8 stories high. The pavilion covers the arena where the blood sacrifices where made.

The hole in the wall there was the entrance. All the paint is original. As in from nearly 2000 years ago.

On the bottom right are the warriors that won. They are carrying all the clothes and weapons of the ones that lost. The figures on the bottom left are the ones that are lost, naked, and be lead with a rope around their neck. The priest (on top) would slice their nice and collect their blood to be sacrificed.

The pictures on this door tells the story of every day life.

Original paint. The figure in the middle is of the “Mountain God” which is the highest deity and is the one that required the blood sacrifice.

The mound in the distance is the Huaca del Sol. What is in between was the “City” where the common folk lived and worked.

And this, well this is just some really good food.

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